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Things to Know While Using a Charcoal Grill for the First Time

Grilling is the new trend. Be it parties or a simple family get together, you can have a unique experience if you have a grill at your home. Charcoal grill has its own uniqueness among all other grills. Barbecue prepared with a charcoal grill has its own flavor and taste. But if you are a newbie with a charcoal grill, certain basics will help you to excel in preparing delicious barbecues.

Charcoal Grill

We will start with preparing kettle for preheating. Let’s see how this can be down effectively.

  1. The dampers on the bottom of the kettle and the damper in the lid should be completely open before preheating the kettle.
  2. The top cooking grate has to be removed and you have to hang it off the handle
  3. Make sure to fill your chimney starter up halfway with charcoal
  4. You have to place 2 lighter cubes under the chimney starter and light them using the bottom charcoal grate. You have to wait 10-15 minutes until the charcoal has completely ashed over

Now you have prepared the kettle. The next step is to preheat it.

  1. To evenly dump the ashed over charcoal onto the charcoal grate, you can use a grill mitt. You can set up your grill in a good way by putting all of the lit charcoal onto one side of the grill. This will give you a place to do indirect grilling.
  2. The next step is to place the cooking grate in the grill over the charcoal grate
  3. The lid has to be put on the kettle and you will have to double check that the lid vent is completely open. Preheat your grill for about 10-15 minutes
  4. You can prepare your steaks while the grill is preheating
  5. After taking your steaks out of the fridge to let them come up to room temperature, put some olive oil on the steaks
  6. Use your favourite seasoning to season the entire surface of the steak   

After preheating, there are some more steps to follow.

  1. You can use the lid bale of your kettle or the hook on the inside of the kettle lid to hang it off the bowl
  2. Brush the grates clean using a stainless steel brush when you grill the next time
  3. After placing the steaks on the cooking grate on the part that is over the coals, you have to close the lid and set a timer for 3-4 minutes. Don’t open the lid until your timer goes off.
  4. Remove the lid and hang it from the bowl using a glove when the timer goes off. Using tongs, flip the steaks and then place them back on the side over the coals. Now, place the lid back on the kettle
  5. You have to set your timer again for 3-4 minutes. Use an instant read thermometer to check the steaks to make sure they are done to your liking.
  6. After taking the steaks out of the grill, let them to rest for about 20-30% of the total cook time   

You will be able to prepare mouth-watering and delicious barbecue that has the unique taste of charcoal. Charcoal grills work magic if you know the tricks and tips associated with it. These tips will surely help you to have tasty barbecue dishes for yourself as well as your dear ones. If you practice these tricks for your next grilling, you will be surely appreciated. There is a technique to use each and every grill. So try these techniques while using a Charcoal grill for the first time. I am sure you will surely see the magic.

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