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Avoid These 5 Things While Using Gas Grills

Gas Grils

Avoid These 5 Things While Using Gas Grills


Even though cooking with charcoal grills adds taste, gas grills are the choice when it comes to convenience. You feel the super simple grilling with a gas grill, which is also weeknight-friendly. If you are a newbie with gas grills, then there are some mistakes knowing which you can escape from doing them. The fun fact is that these mistakes are made by even master grillers. So here are those mistakes that you must avoid.

  1. Not preheating the grill

Many people skip the step of preheating the gas grill. They think that gas grills do not need preheating, which is an absolute mistake. This happens when people want to cook right away. It is true that some serious heat will be there with the flick of a switch. But it is very important to wait for some time to transfer the heat to the grates before putting the meat on them. This will your food attractive marks and it also prevents the food from sticking on the grates.

So preheat the grill with the lid closed for 10 to 15 minutes before starting to cook.

  1. Using a dirting grill

After having a wonderful night with delicious barbecues, you may not find it important to clean the grill. But this is very very important. By cleaning the grills properly, you can prevent last night’s blackened chicken bits from adhering to tonight’s hamburgers. Another thing is that cleaning will also prevent food from sticking to the grates.

The best thing to do is to clean the grill immediately after it is off and left to cool for some time. Make sure that the grill is warm enough to that the leftover food bits haven’t hardened onto the grates. If you are a frequent griller, clean the grill the next time when you preheat it before cooking. Use a grill brush to scrape off and remove any stuck-on food.

  1. Not using those dials to control the heat

Do not crank up those dials. It is a misbelief that hotter is always better. Placing the meat or vegetable on the direct hottest flame for the entire time will make it burn on the outside before fully cooking on the inside. It is better to create “zones” on your grill by turning the dial on one side to high heat and other to low heat instead of turning on all the burners to high. This will help you to sear your food on the hottest side before transferring it to the cooler side to slowly finish cooking.

Create two temperature zones for cooking. For this, only turn the dial on one burner to high and leave the other either completely off or on very low heat.

  1. Lifting the lid continuously while cooking food

Your food will cook faster if you keep your lid closed. The grill will lose its heat if you open and close the lid multiple times. Thus your food will take longer to cook.

Limit the number of times you open the grill’s lid to check so that your food will cook faster.

  1. Not having enough propane

Propane running out halfway through cooking the meal is the worst thing to happen while cooking with a gas grill. You will be forced to complete your meal on the stove if this happens, which no one wants. It is better to inspect your propane gas tank’s gauge throughout grilling season to see when it’s getting low. You will also have to make sure the valve is tightly closed after you’re finished using the grill for the night to prevent leakage. You can also keep an additional full tank on hand as a backup for emergency situations.

Having an eye on your propane tank’s gauge will help you to know when it is low. You will also have to make sure that the tank’s valve is tight once you finish grilling. You can also keep a full tank as backup.

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